5Dimes.eu Review

The 5 Dimes site is a long-established sports betting site offering a range of sports betting options for players around the world. One of the reasons the site has become so popular and well-known is down to the fact that it provides a great level of betting options for US sports. While European, UK and Irish sports betting sites are starting to deliver a greater focus on US based sports, for many years, the best place to find a sports betting option for US sports, like basketball, would be the 5Dimes.eu site.

The company was established back in November of 1996 in San Jose in Costa Rica. The company has greatly expanded since then and the firm is proud to offer a wide range of betting lines and odds. The company prides itself on offering secure transactions and secure payouts to successful punters.

Given that the 5Dimes.eu site claims to be one of the best when it comes to offering US sports betting options, it is only fair that the 5Dimes.eu review examines the sports betting options being provided to players. The site provides a wealth of sports betting options for basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, motor racing and fighting sports. The site offers limited options for horse racing, rugby union, volleyball, snooker, lotto and cricket. While US sports are still at the forefront of what the 5Dime.eu site offers, the site has expanded its options to provide a more rounded collection of sports betting options.

The site provides a range of live and in-play betting options so if you are the sort of sports betting fan that loves to keep up with play; this is going to be a site that is right for you.


5Dimes.eu Basketball Double RewardsGiven there is considerable interest in basketball, the 5Dimes.eu review will now consider what the site provides for basketball fans.

At the point of checking, the Eastern and Western Conference Finals in the NBA were being played and the site offered an extensive range of bets for these games. No matter what aspect of the game you would be looking to bet on, 5Dimes.eu delivered, making it a great choice of sites to stay in touch with the latest NBA games. This also applied to the live in-play options provided by the site so if you want to find the best site for all of your basketball betting needs, you will not be let down by what 5Dimes.eu offers.

The basketball options on site are not limited to the NBA. The site provides a range of betting options for the WNBA, a wide range of European leagues / International leagues and there is even a selection of props. With NCAA being well covered and a high selection of in-play and future betting opportunities, the 5Dimes.eu site is one that has its finger on the pulse for all basketball fans.

Another area where the site reaches out to basketball fans is with a comprehensive range of statistics. US sports fans love statistics and this is a site that gives you all the information at your fingertips. The site also provides links to plenty of news stories and match reports so if you don’t have a lot of time to stay in touch with the latest basketball news and results, heading to 5Dimes.eu will ensure that you stay in touch at all times.

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Betting options

If you are new to sports betting or you aren’t too sure about what sort of bets you can place, the 5Dimes.eu site is one of the best for improving your knowledge of what you can and cannot do on site. The site offers the chance to play Straight Bets, Totals, Parlays, Teasers/Progressives, Pleasers, If-Bets, Round Robins, Reverses, Asian Handicaps, Point Buying and even Office Pools.

The site provides in-depth analysis of all these types of bets, going into great detail about what each bet entails. You don’t have to place all of these bets to make the most of the 5Dimes.eu site but you’ll find that having all of these betting options will be of benefit to you.

Other gaming options

For most people, the strong selection of US betting options and a wide range of basketball betting options would be more than enough but 5Dimes.eu provides a whole lot more for players to enjoy. The site provides casino options, poker options, live dealer games, mini games and even lottery options. This should be more than enough to satisfy all of your gaming options and the great news is that the site is continually evolving and bringing out new options for players.

The appearance of live dealer casino games is a great option and this is certainly one of the in-things at this moment in time. The fact that 5Dimes.eu is keeping abreast of the latest gaming options and opportunities is great news for players that want to play on a site that is sure to stay in touch with current trends.

Funding your account

An online betting site is no use to people if they cannot fund their account. This is where the wide range of deposit methods provided by 5Dimes.eu gives people exactly what they are looking for. Options include Credit Card deposits, Person 2 Person deposits, check, money order, debit cards, MoneyPak, Vanilla Reload, Prepaid Card, Sportsbook Transfer, Account to Account transfer, Neteller, Skrill and Clcik2Pay.

5Dimes.eu NBA P2P Special5Dimes.eu will occasionally provide incentives or bonuses for making deposits in a certain style. During the 2014 NBA Play-Offs, the site is providing basketball fans with a deposit bonus for using the Person 2 Person deposit method. At other times the site has provided a matched deposit bonus for the use of Vanilla Reload option. The site has organised promotions where they provide players with a free 8th and 9th deposit. This is clearly a good way to encourage loyalty and for players to come back and fund their accounts regularly.


If you love basketball, you’ll love 5Dimes.eu. The site has a strong focus on basketball and US sports, so if this is the sort of sport you love, you’ll find this site is a natural online home. You should also find that there are plenty of deposit methods and incentives to come back to the site on a regular basis.

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